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Ted Morgan Law provides legal representation in a variety of areas. Our focus is litigation and trial practice – in other words, we concentrate on representation in the courtroom. Successful handling of a claim, without filing a lawsuit, is always our first, and best option, and we endeavor to avoid trial where possible. We take pride in providing aggressive yet sensible vindication of our client’s rights. We believe in taking the extra time to fully develop the facts and law related to your legal problem. And, if your case requires expertise beyond our own, we refer you to a competent attorney who works in the area of need. Our clients include individuals, business owners, sole proprietors and large corporations.

If you or a loved one has suffered injury either as a pedestrian or as the result of an accident involving an automobile, SUV, motorcycle, truck or tractor-trailer, contact TED MORGAN LAW, your lifeline to recovery. Ted D. Morgan works as the leader of TED MORGAN LAW and will fight to obtain fair and reasonable compensation for your physical and mental injuries, pain and suffering, medical bills, future medical expenses, physical limitations and impairments, lost wages and lost earning capacity. Ted D. Morgan has been a practicing attorney and trial lawyer for over 20 years and is licensed in both Georgia and Alabama.

The law office of Ted Morgan Law is committed to one singular goal: TO PREVENT A CONVICTION OF DUI AGAINST YOU. If we can successfully defend your DUI case, then you will not lose your driver’s license but more importantly, you will get a second chance to clean up your act and avoid very costly ramifications of a DUI CONVICTION. In its simplest terms, a DUI conviction in Georgia or Alabama will have an immediate impact on your privilege to drive a motor vehicle but more importantly long-term life-altering effects on your daily life.

Ted Morgan Law handles a wide variety of business law and commercial litigation matters. Our lawyers have decades of experience advising businesses of all sizes throughout Georgia and Alabama. Business transaction services provided by our firm include business formation and preparation; review of  shareholder, partnership and company operating agreements; negotiation, drafting and review of stock and asset purchase and sale transactions; and contract preparation and review.

As a personal injury law firm, we deal with insurance companies on a daily basis. In some cases, we file suit against a defendant that is represented by an insurance company. In other cases, we represent clients in first party claims. A first party claim is a claim by an individual directly against their own insurance company for a failure to pay a claim covered by an insurance policy. While we cannot change the terms of your policy, we can aggressively defend your rights to what you are owed under your policy. Contact our law office so we can review your policy and determine if we can help you pursue an insurance claim.

The Lawyer Assisted Divorce is a special product we created and customized for the truly uncontested divorce. Over the years, our Firm has developed (and continues to develop and tweak) a special product for the married couple having little or no significant assets to be divided and where the parties have reached a substantial agreement on all issues.  The lawyer-assisted divorce is economical, quick and free of creeping legal bills month after month to finish the divorce.  Our systematic approach drills down to the core issues of your case, the basic requirements to obtain a divorce in the State of Georgia and/or Alabama, and do so with minimal financial impact and minimal attorney fees.  This product combines years of legal experience with a customized approach and represents a unique value to the divorcing couple with “nothing to fight about.”

Under the Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA), railroad workers and their families have a right of action to sue in a court of law to recover money damages against their employer, the railroad, for injuries sustained on the job. Railroad employees and their families have the right to recover money damages for wage loss, medical expenses and treatments, human pain and suffering, and for partial and/or permanent disability.

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“I had to hire Ted a few years ago to help me with a case that was really challenging. He is super organized and can multi-task extremely well. He handles all situations with an air of ease by keeping everyone calm. I find Ted to be extremely dedicated to his client’s needs and requests. I would recommend Ted without hesitation.”