10 Day Rule is Replaced for Ga DUI

DUI ATTORNEYS KNOW THE NEW DUI LAWS IN GEORGIA DUI Attorneys know the new DUI laws in Georgia, and Georgia DUI law was recently amended, and the revisions and additions are very important; the “10 day rule” is replaced; and drivers benefit from new rules for the ignition interlock device. If you were arrested for… Continue Reading

Arrested for DUI Less Safe

Arrested for DUI Less Safe. Alot of my Columbus, Georgia friends are suddenly asking, “why was I arrested for DUI Less Safe.” Why are we seeing so many persons arrested for DUI less safe? The answer is, first, it is nothing new to be arrested for DUI Less Safe. For many years Georgia law has… Continue Reading

DUI Roadblocks and Checkpoints raise legal issues in Columbus Georgia

DUI roadblocks in Columbus Georgia are escalating. DUI task forces, including the famous Georgia State Patrol Nighthawks, continue to use DUI roadblocks and checkpoints to arrest Columbus drivers for DUI, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. But DUI roadblocks are subject to some stringent requirements to be legal. First, the State must show… Continue Reading

Write a Review of Our Services

Ted Morgan Law has served many clients over the years. If you are one of these clients and would like to share a positive google review of our services, please read the instructions below and then click on the image below to let others know how good a job our team did. Continue Reading

Ted Morgan Discusses DUI Isuses on WTVM’s Business Break

Ted Morgan recently made an appearance on WTVM’s Business Break to discuss the challenges facing anyone charged with a DUI. Business Break is a daily feature hosted by Maureen Akers where various business leaders share their expertise with WTVM’s viewership. The segment, which aired on December 9, began reviewing some of the concerns impacting someone… Continue Reading

What Happens When you get your 2nd DUI in Georgia

2nd DUI in Georgia means your life is about to change. The State of Georgia makes it a crime if you are driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol with a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of .08% and above (for drivers over age 21), and if it is your 2nd DUI in Georgia, the… Continue Reading

Ga DUI Less Safe

Alot of my Columbus, Georgia friends are suddenly asking, “what is this new ‘less safe’ crap I am seeing in local DUI arrests?” Why are we seeing so many “less safe;” DUI arrests?” The answer is, first, it is nothing “new” to the law in Ga which has always given the arresting officer an option… Continue Reading

The Long Term Effects of a DUI

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious offense. The penalties and consequences of being convicted of a DUI can be quite harsh with its effects lasting for years after the initial conviction. DUI consequences include paying fines and jail time, but some can affect the driver long-term. Following are some… Continue Reading

Ga Appellate Court Upholds Forced Blood Sample for DUI Arrest

A 3 judge panel of the Georgia Court of Appeals has recently ruled that the driver’s refusal to submit to chemical testing of his blood alcohol level after being arrested for DUI does NOT prohibit the Officer from applying for a search warrant in order to take an involuntary blood sample. McAllister v. State (1/22/2014). On… Continue Reading

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