10 Day Rule is Replaced for Ga DUI

DUI ATTORNEYS KNOW THE NEW DUI LAWS IN GEORGIA DUI Attorneys know the new DUI laws in Georgia, and Georgia DUI law was recently amended, and the revisions and additions are very important; the “10 day rule” is replaced; and drivers benefit from new rules for the ignition interlock device. If you were arrested for… Continue Reading

Arrested for DUI Less Safe

Arrested for DUI Less Safe. Alot of my Columbus, Georgia friends are suddenly asking, “why was I arrested for DUI Less Safe.” Why are we seeing so many persons arrested for DUI less safe? The answer is, first, it is nothing new to be arrested for DUI Less Safe. For many years Georgia law has… Continue Reading

Your first DUI in Georgia

Your first DUI in Georgia Your first DUI in Georgia means your life is about to change. The severity of the impact on your life will depend upon whether you make the right choice when hiring a DUI lawyer. The State of Georgia makes it a crime if you are driving a motor vehicle under… Continue Reading

New Laws About DUI in Georgia

Here at Ted Morgan Law we keep abreast of new laws about DUI in Georgia. Read more on our DUI page. Did you know even under age 21 drivers are eligible to apply for a limited driving permit (aka “ALS Permit”) even if the driver’s license has gone into administrative suspension after being arrested for… Continue Reading

DUI Roadblocks and Checkpoints raise legal issues in Columbus Georgia

DUI roadblocks in Columbus Georgia are escalating. DUI task forces, including the famous Georgia State Patrol Nighthawks, continue to use DUI roadblocks and checkpoints to arrest Columbus drivers for DUI, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. But DUI roadblocks are subject to some stringent requirements to be legal. First, the State must show… Continue Reading

Car and Motorcycle Accidents and the Injuries Commonly Associated with Them

If you have been involved in a car accident, particularly one at low-speed or a minor fender-bender, you may not necessarily experience pain immediately following the collision. Even major collisions can leave an accident victim feeling relieved or unharmed due to the body’s natural physiological reaction to trauma. Immediately following a collision your body is… Continue Reading

How to Stay Safe This Summer

Memorial Day is generally recognized as the official start of the summer season. The months following Memorial Day are often packed with activities and travel, these months also higher rates of certain types of personal injury accidents including car accidents, drunk driving accidents, swimming pool accidents, and dog bites. It is important to be aware… Continue Reading

Arrested for DUI & No miranda warnings?

If you have been arrested for DUI in Columbus, Georgia, and you were not read your Miranda warning, chances are nobody screwed up. But, only a qualified DUI criminal attorney can make that determination. There is a difference between being “detained” by law enforcement versus being arrested, or in custody of law enforcement. The difference,… Continue Reading

What is DUI Less Safe in Columbus Georgia?

Alot of my Columbus, Georgia friends are suddenly asking, “what is this new ‘less safe’ crap I am seeing in local DUI arrests?” Why are we seeing so many “less safe” DUI arrests?” The answer, first, is it is nothing new. For years Georgia law has always given the arresting officer the option of making… Continue Reading

When is a DUI or drugs traffic stop take too long?

Columbus Georgia drivers stopped for DUI and or drugs cannot be held for an unreasonably long time. When the Officer initiates a traffic stop, the question under the 4th Amendment is whether the stop was reasonable under the circumstances, not based upon the officer’s subjective motives, beliefs, or intentions. The real question turns upon the objective assessment… Continue Reading

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