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Ted D. Morgan

Graduated from Mercer Law School in 1993 after spending over four years working in public accounting as a certified public accountant (CPA) with Arthur Andersen & Co in Atlanta, Georgia. Since 1993 he has worked exclusively in litigation and the courtroom as a trial lawyer. His career began defending the insurance companies and/or their insureds when sued by others. This experience included litigating insurance policy coverage issues and gaining valuable knowledge pertaining to how and when an insurance policy provides money for the injured person. His trial and litigation experience includes a wide range of subject matters, including various types of liability for catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death to others, including automobile accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, on-the-job injuries, and railroad and crossing accidents; premises liability (where persons suffer injury while visiting another’s property) including falls from defective stairs and related ingress/egress accidents, explosions and serious burns; underground storage tank liability and other environmental liability; and workers compensation for an employee’s on-the-job injury. Other areas of experience include representing builders and homeowners in construction defect, homeowners warranty and nuisance cases; slander; commercial real estate disputes; commercial construction disputes. Ted has spent a significant part of his career representing employers as well as employees in wrongful termination suits for age, race, disability and/or gender discrimination, and sexual harassment in the workplace. We also offer DUI (Driving Under the Influence) services for those needing assistance in this area.Ted has been involved in various community groups including serving on the Board of Directors for the House of T.I.M.E., membership at Trinity Episcopal Church (lay reader) and many hours with Habitat for Humanity building homes for the needy. Ted is a member of the local Columbus Trial Lawyers Association, the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, and the American Association for Justice (formerly ATLA).


When to Call Ted Morgan Law?


DUI arrest and related charges is a specialty area for us. Driving under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs; Misdemeanor/Felony drug charges; and anything related to traffic crimes and driver's license suspension...should call Ted Morgan Law!

Bodily harm, catastrophic injury and death claims is a specialty area for us, and you owe no fee unless we recover money for you. Above all, do not trust insurance companies to handle your bodily injury claim fairly. Call Ted Morgan Law, your lifeline to recovery.

If someone or a business owes you money; Shareholder, partner disputes and break-ups; Employer liability and employee claims; business on business contract disputes and lawsuits...Ted is a trial lawyer and can go to Court for you!

We have affordable products for uncontested divorce, and clients with contested cases receive valuable, streamlined advice to speed your case to resolution in the most economical manner.

why Ted Morgan Law?

  • 01.

    Ted provides quality

    legal representation and give personal attention to each and every client.
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    Timely responses from Ted

    to your needs and concerns so you get your true value for the legal services rendered.
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    Direct access to Ted

    to the attorney not his/her assistant or associate attorney.

Contingency Fees

  • A Contingent fee means the attorney agrees to be paid out of the proceeds of the client’s claim. In other words, the attorney takes a percentage of the proceeds to compensate him/her for their time. It is offered in lieu of the normal hourly fees, due each month or quarter, requiring that the client shoulder the risks, alone, with no guarantee any fees will be recouped.The contingent fee provides the key to America’s courtroom for thousands who otherwise could not afford to pay a lawyer up-front, if at all. If it were not for contingent fees, indigent victims of wrongful accidents and wrongful conduct would be subject to the unbridled, self-serving conduct of the at-fault party and meager sums in settlement of large losses so the victim can “keep the candle burning” in himself and his dependents. Read more about contingency fees.

Ted and Crossfit Sacrifice

  • Ted Morgan is a strong supporter of fitness and how it contributes to a strong community. That is why Ted regularly supports the efforts of Crossfit Sacrifice and everything they do.

Debbie Pemberton

Ted Morgan and his legal assistant, Debbie Pemberton, have over six (6) years together working as a team to support the clients of this Firm. Ms. Pemberton has eleven (11) years experience as a legal assistant and, prior to her work in the legal profession, she spent over fifteen (15) years in the healthcare industry with some of the top hospitals in the area. For the past eleven years Ms. Pemberton has enjoyed enormous respect in the legal community as one of the top legal assistants in the area. Debbie was born in North Carolina but has called the Phenix City-Columbus area home for over forty (40) years.
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